A recent study by the DVLA shows that half a million UK drivers have been caught using their mobile phone whilst driving - this means that around 574,955 drivers now have 3 points on their license. Think! also state that 'you are also four times more likely to crash if you use your mobile phone whilst driving.' The penalty for using you mobile phone whilst driving can land you with an automatic fixed penalty notice. You can get yourself 3 points on your license and a £1000 fine. 

The DVLA broke down this data into the 'Worst offending cities/areas for drivers caught on a mobile' and the results found were:

Glasgow - 27,831
Birmingham - 14,391
Liverpool - 12,034
Motherwell - 11,352
Sheffield - 10,537
Edinburgh - 10,192
Manchester - 10,187
Chelmsford - 9,939
East London - 9,715

South East London - 9,384

Brake Chief Executive Julie Townsend said: 'We're living in an age when being constantly connected is the norm. More and more of us have smartphones, and find it hard to switch off, even for a minute.'

There are plenty of hands free in car phone holders available to prevent you being caught out using your mobile phone whilst driving. Nowadays, nearly all smartphone users have access to maps and sat nav applications, increasing the possibility and temptation of picking up your phone to check which turn you need to take next or picking up a call from a pal! 

A mount like the Spiderpodium will eliminate this temptation and prevent the risk of accidents on the road by mounting your smartphone device or sat nav in your car air vents by giving you a hands free driving experience. The Spiderpodium works with any car, any smartphone, forever!

Next time you consider using your phone whilst driving, just think to yourself Why Risk It!?!