We all know that most car mounts on the market SUCK, and suck big time. However, Breffo’s Spiderpodium car mount for Smartphones & GPS most certainly does NOT SUCK!

Car Phone Mount iPhone

Now, when we say ‘suck’, we are of course, here talking about the suction mounts that attach, or more to the point, ‘don't’ very well attach, thank you very much’, via a sucker, to the windscreen.

The Spiderpodium, on the other hand, is a revolutionary and innovative ‘sucker-less’ car mount for Smartphones & Sat Nav’s. Hence, it does not suck! The Spiderpodium allows you to mount your phone in your vents, on your dash, or anywhere at all in your car easily and securely.

Car Phone Mount GPS

The award winning Spiderpodium, a bestseller in car mounts, is unlike most every other mount on the market in that it has multiple flexible legs, which can be moulded to fit any Phone or Sat Nav on the market. It then simply slots securely into car vents, or can be wrapped around door handles, headrests, visors or pretty much anything else in the car. It’s simply just brilliant!

Car Phone Mount Samsung

It really doesn’t suck! Unlike Suction Mounts, which attach to windscreens, often obstructing views of the road, and fast becoming illegal globally, the Spiderpodium does not have any suckers, does not attach to windscreen and as such does not fall off repeatedly, time and time again. Really. It doesn’t. A brilliant and ingenious invention, which no driver should be without!

Oh, and it fits every auto on the market too. Smart.