Have you put your iPad in the tumble drier again?.. no it’s the iPad mini

Bigger is certainly not better for our fruity friends over in Silicon Valley; because this week Apple as launched not one, two, three or four new products to its impeccably designed range, but five! And there seems to be an ongoing theme – take something amazing and make it thinner and lighter.

What’s more Apple announced two products that will turn their “how much?!!” consumer perception into “erm okay that’s reasonable”. Introducing the Mac mini and, more significantly for our lovely Breffo fans, the iPad mini, ”ooo….’

“Every inch an iPad” is Apple’s marketing motto for this product. And, to be fair, it really is. With it’s 1024x768 resolution screen, Dual-care A5 processor, HD front camera and 10 hour battery life – you’re actually looking at a higher spec’d piece of kit than it’s iPad 2 predecessor. And we are definitely excited about it.

Apple has completely smashed the tablet market, with the 100 millionth iPad sold just over two weeks ago – conveniently timed of course! The iPad is consuming 91% of web traffic among tablets. And why? According to Tom Cook, CEO of Apple, it’s because "people love their iPads." But what about the rest of the industry – what are their thoughts?

We'd go as far as saying that the iPad Mini is our favourite iPad yet. The smaller size, thinner shape and lighter weight makes for a much better mobile experience. It's easy to hold and manipulate in the hand but feels durable and well-built enough to accompany you throughout the day. It's definitely more premium that we were expecting.” –

“Given the importance of apps and screen quality to the tablet experience, we’d suggest the iPad is worth the extra. Have a hold of each and it might even be a no-brainer. It’s a very desirable device, and it’s going to sell like crazy this Christmas.” –

“The iPad mini isn't as cheap as we were hoping and it doesn't offer the super high resolution of its bigger brother. It does, however, offer the same functionality and wealth of tablet-specific apps but from a smaller, lighter and more hand-friendly design, making it an attractive option for travelling tablet fans.” - Cnet

So what about your Spiderpodium? Is the iPad mini too small for the Tablet or too big for the original? No, we wouldn’t let you down like that! We can now confirm that your Spiderpodium original is 100% compatible with the iPad mini. And it is available in seven colours – each colour just so happens to correlate with those lovely Apple Smart Covers.

But that’s enough about us, we’d love to hear your thoughts on Apple’s new device.