A Message from the MD (Although MC would be way cooler!)

Well, it has been an amazing 2012 for us all here at Breffo and 2013 is already shaping up to be an even more amazing one for us! Our customers are what make what we do a success and so a huge thank you goes out to all our customers all around the globe! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! 

2012 has seen huge growth for Breffo in all areas, (yay), In addition to achieving all our goals for the year (yay again), we also added some great new staff to the team, and moved into awesome new office space, complete with our own gaming room, putting green and don't forget our very own DJ Decks and resident DJ (Anon.) to keep us moving. 

On the retail end, we have achieved our 2012 aim to expand on a global scale into the physical retail sector. We have been very fortunate to be now stocked in some of the largest retail stores on the planet and 2013 is looking real good to be taking our new product range (To be announced at CES Vegas 2013) into the same retail stores and beyond. 

Of course, we at Breffo are not happy to sit on our laurels and as if kicking ass in the retail and e-tail world was not enough, we are taking to the rail and skies too where our entire range will be available to all, wherever you are, however you are getting there! 

To top it all, we have decided to open doors on the manufacturing end, where Breffo Manufacturing has officially been launched late this year. In or strive to manufacture very high quality products, we discovered that manufacturing all our products ourselves, exclusively in the UK has huge, huge benefits, so in 2013 we are spreading the love and will begin manufacture for other good folks in the business too! Sharing is caring and all that! 

A final word is a simple thank you again to all our fantastic and loyal customers. We hope you have a great end to the year and wish you all a very special 2013 ahead.