New product release!!


The excitiment around Breffo has been brewing over the last few weeks due to the anticipated release of our new product. Today is the day that we can finally announce to the world our Adventure Camera Kit. With the ever popular digital camera and action camera market growing at a rapid pace, we noticed instantly that there was a need for this product. If you need more than a tripod to position your camera in a difficult location, or to capture action or night shots, or securley attach your action cam to your bike, or board, or...well, virtually anything...then the Adventure Camera Kit is the answer.

The new, yet genius concept, built on Breffo's existing technology, was introduced at CES 2013 to huge accliam, recieving a phenomenally positive response from media, retailers, consumers and camera enthusiasts.


The Breffo Adventure Camera Kit is both designed and manufactured in the UK, as with all Breffo products, and is an addition to the Breffo Range of products, which include the Spiderpodium, Spiderpodium Tablet, Earphone Tidy and iPhone Covers.


Whether you're at home taking a stillshot, on holiday taking a nightshot or outdoors biking down the alps, the Adventure Camera Kit will allow you to attach your camera or action cam to virtually anything, via a standard 1/4-20 UNC thread.


When it comes to photography, 8 legs are better than 3! Tripods have had their 15 minutes, but now it's time to embrace the octopod! Both flexible and forgiving, the Breffo Adventure Camera Kit will allow you to take perfect photos no matter how uneven the surface or no matter what location!

The Adventure Camera Kit is available now and is priced at £20.00