You May Have Seen Us On...

2011 aired the 7th season of the ever so popular The Apprentice which really kick-started the Breffo brand. In episode 8, the teams were in France where they had to pick two British Designed products from a selection of the top 10 UK designs of the year, and then sell these into major retail outlets. Our managing director, Patrick Mathews pitched the Spiderpodium to the teams who were looking for two products that they were going to try and sell into the retail outlets. 

A trending topic in this season was finding Susan Ma putting herself forward for the role of Project Manager which this time she was selected. Susan agreed with the market research team's advice to go with a child's booster seat and the Breffo Spiderpodium. Directing her team, she went about pitching her products to major retail outlets and securing strong deals (which we can't help but think this is mainly down to the Spiderpodium).

After the team finished their pitches to the major retailers, Susan didn't stop there and, just as the day was coming to an end, she spotted a mobile phone shop and went on to secure a very impressive deal for 1,500 Spiderpodiums.

On returning to the daunting boardroom to meet Lord Sugar, Susan led her team to victory with a record of sales worth over €200,000!

This went down as the most successful deal and highest sales to date on any of the UK Apprentice Challenges.

Below is a clip from season 7 where you can find 8:20 mins in, Patrick pitching the idea to the Apprentice team and Susan sealing the late deal in the mobile phone shop!