Today's Apple Event - What To Expect?

Today we see the latest event held by Apple since the WWDC event in June where the iOS 7 platform was announced. Today, many people including ourselves here at Breffo are looking to Apple for more innovation than that of their release of the iPhone 5 model nearly a year ago. The problem Apple are currently facing is their competitors seem to be a little ahead of the game with the likes of Samsung releasing the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch at this year's UNPACKED 2013 event in Berlin. 

It is said that today's Apple event is the first of two with the focus being on the much talked about iPhone 5C and the 5S as well as the updated iOS7. The second part of this event, which is believed to be scheduled in October, is more than likely going to be the announcement of the updated iPad and Mac OS X software. 

The iPhone 5C has been rumored to the the 'C'heaper version of the iPhone 5, with the same screen size as the iPhone 5 but with a 'tough' plastic outer casing, available in a range of different colors. The iPhone 5S on the other hand is said to be available in a 'champagne' colour and contain the much talked about fingerprint scanner to unlock you phone, an apparent 30% increase in speed due to a fast A7 processor and other updates such as an improved camera, larger storage availability and graphics enhancement, longer battery life and improved wi-fi connection.

The apparent fingerprint scanner contains a blue led surround light on the home button.

Apple iPhone 5S FingerscannerApple iPhone 5S Concept

(Image credits Martin Hajek)

We are all already aware of the iOS 7 release after the WWDC event in June, but Apple are expected to again today show off the slick new design as well releasing it to the public for download on existing iOS devices. Some updates we should expect include enhancements to existing services provided by Apple such as Passbook, new updates for Siri, Maps and several more.

Some of the redesigned App icons we are expecting to see in iOS 7.

Apple iOS 7

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What are your opinions leading up to the Apple event later on today, are you excited or do you feel Apple should pick up the speed and challenge these competitiors? 

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