As we can't contain our excitement about the launch of the Gumstick™ campaign, we are giving all our awesome fans the chance to enter our competition to win an iPad mini. There are several ways to increase your chances of winning so spread the word to your family and friends!!

We’re pretty stoked in these parts about the newest addition to our product assortment!  The Breffo Gumstick™ was officially introduced today via popular crowd funding platform, Kickstarter!  Cue hoots and hollers!  Can you tell the launch is beyond exciting for us and we can't wait to share some of the details of the campaign.

Gumstick Kickstarter 2

So, what is this fantastically awesome product? The Gumstick™ is the world’s most beautifully minimal, yet fully functional smartphone stand.  Compatible with all iPhone, HTC, and Android smart phones as well as mini tablets. It can be used for holding your device in different positions, allowing for viewing in portrait and landscape, making it the perfect accessory for home, work, or travel. Lightweight, strong, and compact, this product fits easily into your pocket or bag making it the ideal product for your busy, on the go lifestyle!

Gumstick Kickstarter 3

iPad Mini and the Gumstick™

Gumstick Kickstarter 4

Facetime on the go.  Anywhere and Everywhere.

Gumstick Kickstarter 5

Perfect for following recipes in the kitchen.

If you still need some convincing after viewing our awesome video and images (not to 'toot our own horns' here)! Let me remind you of a pretty familiar scenario and believe me I've seen it.  We’ve all had those moments, you're crammed into a business flight and you’re propping your device up against a soda can or book so you don't have to sit and hold the darn thing through the flight. Come on, admit it - you know what I am talking about.  I speak from experience (but my scenario involves a bored 3 year old child on a transatlantic flight) you get my drift. Sure it works but not the most aesthetically pleasing or effective method, right? It was experiences like these that prompted the design of the Gumstick™ stand. It’s amazingly simple, straight out of the box a flat piece of rubber but once you start playing with the product it really starts to take shape. The device bends and molds so that you can position your device at different angles. Hurrah, you can kiss that soda can goodbye!

Well, almost... That is where you come in!  To make this amazing product a reality we need your help.  As a company we've had some fantastic successes much in part to the support of all of you; however, in the greater scheme of things we're a start up. Developing a product takes more than innovation, dedication, and passion - it takes capital.  With the support of backers such as you we know we can successfully bring the Gumstick™ to market. Please take some time to check out our Kickstarter campaign page.  We’re offering some fantastic rewards and discounts to those who get in their early.  Plus, you’ll be able to read all about Gumstick™, what your funding will support, our production plan and timelines.  If you still have unanswered questions reach out to us directly we’d love to hear from you!  That said, one last thing.... From all of here at Breffo HQ to all of you thank you in advance for your support!

Click here to view our Kickstarter page.