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SpiderpodiumTablet - The flexible Tablet Stand. Any Position. Any Angle. Anywhere!

SpiderpodiumTablet® Front View

SpiderpodiumTablet® Rear View

Available Colours

widget image SpiderpodiumTablet Graphite

widget image SpiderpodiumTablet Black

Product Specifications

Materials: Advanced Tech 'SoftTouch' Rubber
Finish: Matte Black / Matte Graphite

- Lightweight and Strong
- Portable and Folds Flat for Travel
- Compatible with all Tablet PC's
- Ideal for Home, Office, Car and Travel
- Set to any Viewing Angle
- Hangs, Stands and Grips
- Bendable, Flexible Legs
- Moulds to Desired Shape
- Supports Landscape, Portrait, Hanging, Lap, etc
- Designed and Manufactured Exclusively in the UK