Counterfeit Products, Sellers & Fakes 

Breffo are committed to providing our distribution partners, retailers, and customers with products of the absolute highest quality. 

Breffo products are all designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom (UK) and shipped worldwide to our network of offices and partners from solely the UK. 

All our products are made ONLY and Exclusively in the UK. 

All Breffo materials used to manufacture product is 100% sourced from within the UK, including packaging and printed material. 

Breffo DO NOT have any manufacturing facilities in China or anywhere outside the UK. We strictly supply from the UK ONLY and via our global network of authorized distribution partners. Please be aware of inferior and dangerous counterfeit product offered or sold from anywhere outside the UK, especially China. 

Counterfeiting is a criminal activity and can and will warrant legal action by Breffo. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE approach to counterfeiting and those selling or reselling counterfeit product. Our reputation for high quality is very important to us and the unauthorised use of our brand to produce and sell counterfeit or copycat Breffo products is unacceptable. These products are often mistaken for the genuine article and are usually of inferior quality and may contain hazardous materials. 

As such, we will not tolerate those who deal in counterfeit or copycat Breffo products. Where appropriate, we will agressively pursue all legal remedies that are available to us, including launching legal proceedings and involving Trading Standards Authorities, whom we work closely with, where we think this is necessary, to prevent counterfeiting of Breffo products and misuse of our brand and designs. 

Purchase, storage, handling or sales of counterfeit Breffo product manufactured outside the UK is illegal and is an offence and will be treated as such. Legal action will be taken against anyone found dealing with or in posession of such. No Exceptions. 

Should you have any information regarding counterfeit Breffo products, counterfeit Breffo sites, or misuse of our brand or designs, then we would like to hear from you. 

You can drop us an email at [email protected]

We appreciate any help or assistance you are able to offer to help us put an end to this illegal activity. 

Important Note:

The counterfeit/fake product is often of very inferior quality to the genuine product and breaks very easily. 

Traces of toxic material have been found in some fake product we have encountered. This can be extremely dangerous and hazardous. 

A number of customers have complained of paying agents, vendors, etc for product with shipping direct from China and via sites such as Alibaba, DH Gate, etc. and have never received the goods. This is very common. You will likely not ever see the goods or the money again. 

As we work closely with worldwide customs in our attempt to combat counterfeit activity, product purchased from outside the UK is likely to be seized by customs upon exit from source or entry. This will result in guaranteed non-delivery and full loss of payment of goods. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I make sure I'm buying legitimate Breffo products? 

There are many easy ways to identify official Breffo products: 

1. If it's not MADE IN THE UK, it's counterfeit. Full Stop.
2. Breffo DO NOT have any manufacturing facilities in China or anywhere outside the UK.
3. Breffo DO NOT ship product from China. If it comes from China, it's fake.
4. We will NEVER sell our product via DH Gate, Alibaba, Ali Express or any other of these generic sales portal sites which are hotspots for counterfeit sales. Please check with us to verify which partners and sites we do use for bulk sale and retail.
5. If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is! 

Anyone claiming to be Breffo or an agent claiming to represent Breffo can be verified with Breffo direct via our contact details below. 

Contact Breffo for a list of authorized distribution partners and retailers or to check a source you are unsure of. (We do have a global network of legitimate partners) 

Q: How do I know this is the real Breffo? Surely anyone can claim to be Breffo? 

The legal Breffo entity to date is Breffo, Ltd - Registered in England and Wales under number 06817122, as well as Breffo USA LLC - Registered in the USA. Both Date back to 2009&2010 where and were registered for international coverage. These were all registered before any counterfeit companies and counterfeit Breffo product hit the market. The first Breffo Trademark was registered by us in the UK and has since been extended worldwide. Only we can provide this proof which can be verified by contacting us direct. Counterfeiters, despite being clever, are not that clever! Backdating a Trademark is pretty much impossible!

We are also in a position to provide information on our Intellectual Property Rights worldwide, including all Breffo registered Trademarks, Patents and Designs. 

Q: Can I return Breffo items that I buy on eBay? 

A: Only orders purchased through the official Breffo eBay account can be returned. 

Buyer Beware: Known fake sites & sites selling counterfeit Breffo product:


If you are unsure of the source of any Breffo product you may wish to purchase or may have seen, please feel free to contact us for validation of source. If you think you may have encountered counterfeit Breffo sites or products, please let us know. Send us an email to [email protected] or call us at (UK) +44 (0)2920 003298


The Breffo team