iPhone 5/5S Leather Sleeve

Introducing the exclusive British made iPhone® 5/5S Leather Sleeve


Beautifully Crafted

Beautifully handcrafted, each sleeve is manufactured from the finest hand-reared British Shorthorn cattle, which produces characteristic tanned leather. Over time, the leather sleeve matures naturally to an exquisite colour, fit and feel, making each sleeve a one-of-a-kind. 

iPhone 5/5S Leather Sleeve In Use

All Round Protection

Breffo’s luxurious leather sleeves provide smart protection for your smartphone and the launch coincides perfectly with the new iPhone® 5S release. A new phone deserves a new sleeve and Breffo is offering that, along with unrivalled quality and craftsmanship. The more you use the sleeve, the more beautiful and individual it becomes. Breffo prides itself on using only quality, locally sourced leather hide and handcrafts each sleeve in its UK factory.

iPhone 5/5S Leather Sleeve Front Pouch

‘We have sensed a natural shift in the Smartphone market and a demand for something new and exciting to mirror the quality and design of the iPhone® 5S, which we are responding to. It's time for a change’

The Perfect Gift

 This brand new, high quality sleeve comes exquisitely box-packaged and beautifully hand-wrapped making it the perfect gift for him or her. 

iPhone 5/5S Leather Sleeve Boxed

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