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Brand Promotion via a Multi-Award Winning Product Design – Anyone?

The Breffo Spiderpodium® promotional merchandise provides an unrivaled opportunity to promote a brand or company. Imagine your brand coupled with a highly functional, multi-award winning product! The Spiderpodium® promotional merchandise has promotional prowess above and beyond many everyday promo products. Your brand WILL get noticed with Breffo. At Breffo, we provide solutions to everyday problems via design and function and the results are exceptional. We are an award winning innovator in design and engineering, and rest assured, your logo and brand will be noticed with the Breffo Spiderpodium® promotional merchandise, leaving a positive, feel good, lasting impression. The universal functionality of the Spiderpodium®, allows you to brand up in virtually any market segment. As a multi-functional, high visibility, tactile product, the Spiderpodium® can be used anywhere and everywhere and thus, your logo will be prominently displayed in many, many places and will not go un-noticed.
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Designer Promotional Merchandise Anyone? {Yes Please!}

Everyone likes a gift, everyone especially likes a useful gift and everyone almost certainly likes a cool award winning, multi-functional, and unique designer gift. The functional element to the Spiderpodium® is what attracts most industry and is what sets us apart from the everyday promotional merchandise, eg, the desktop mug. Not that we have anything against the corporate branded mug, I mean, it’s great for carrying around your beverage and all, but it’s just not that great at holding a phone in the car dash, or at holding your video camera securely on your bike, while travelling downhill at breathtaking speed now is it! Used by an ever increasing number of high profile Fortune500 Companies, the Breffo Spiderpodium® promotional merchandise makes for unique useful, long lasting and memorable corporate or promotional merchandise. The longevity and future proofing behind the Spiderpodium® means your brand or logo will be prominently displayed in many places, for a long, long time to come! As a promotional merchandise, can you think of something better? Perhaps maybe you can, but we are willing to bet whatever that is, it’s not 100% made in the UK now is it!Promotional Merchandise Black

Spiderpodium® Promotional Merchandise Unit - Custom Built!*

The Spiderpodium® promotional merchandise can be color matched to any corporate color on the planet*. Custom branded packaging is also available on large quantity orders.

*Orders must meet a minimum quantity.
Please contact us for more information and details. 
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