We caught up with Lester Mapp, CEO and founder of the American based design firm Think by m to talk design, innovation and their newest product on Kickstarter.
Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a lover of great design with a passion for making premium quality products affordable and accessible to everyone.

Who are designed by m?

We’re a bunch of 8 creative minds and talented designers.

What’s your background?

I wanted to be an architect because I had a love affair with the beauty of structural design but somewhere along the way, I became fascinated with minimal, functional design. What began as exploratory packaging design evolved into product design and a bit of tech.

How would you describe your products?

Simple, minimal, functional.

How would you describe your design style and design philosophy?

My style is definitely modern minimalism. Less is more.

What has influenced and affected your outlook on design?

I admire the work of Donald Judd and Scott Wilson but when it comes to design, I first dissect the problem that I am solving and that inspires my design.

Finally, tell us about your latest Kickstarter campaign..

Our newest campaign is AL13 v2; the second iteration of our premium aerospace aluminum bumper for iPhone designed to deliver tough protection without the bulkiness of traditional tough cases. Through minimal and thoughtful design, we’ve been able to create one of the first Aluminum bumpers that does not cause any signal loss and we’re really excited about it.

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